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Our programs are designed to prepare you for a career in English literature. We believe in experiential learning, and you will learn through activities, quizzes and mini-projects besides theory. Here you will find mentors who are passionate scholars of literature, committed to igniting curiosity and delivering excellence.

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Is Literature the Right Choice?


Has anyone asked you why you want to study English literature, of all subjects? Has anyone told you that studying literature is elitist, or that it is impractical, or too theoretical for the modern world?

Well, very few students pursue literature studies with confidence. And even fewer appreciate its significance. So when it’s time to start a career, many literature students feel underprepared to enter the workforce. They are unsure of how to leverage what they’ve learned.

But it need not be so!


Literature gives you diverse choices

Literature has the ability to shape our understanding of the world, it is a window into all the humanities and even the sciences. Students of literature are, in fact, students of culture studies. Studying literature can prepare you for a variety of professions.


Our Approach







Our programs are designed not just for a career, but to bring out the potential in you. We kindle your curiosity. We foster your active participation. We promote a continuous learning culture.

Each program has a clear structure that covers all periods and authors from across countries, from the beginner to advanced levels. Our systematic approach will help you to deeply understand English literature, not just learn it by rote. The curriculum is designed by scholars with years of experience with major university syllabi from across the country, and who are updated in the latest developments in the discipline.



January 12, 2024

About us


Vallath was founded by Kalyani Vallath in 1998 as a small, informal coaching centre for English literature, its resources and methods firmly based on her own student career. Kalyani has never taken a vacation from learning, and is both, an expert teacher and a fellow learner to the students of Vallath. Kalyani cleared her NET JRF English literature in 1998. Her love for literature took her to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver for her PhD.

Our Commitment







Student testimonial

Dr. Kalyani Vallath is a symbol of passion, sincerity and complete dedication to the field of one’s choice. I always cherish her wonderful classes, inspiring and informative lectures and her radically distinctive methods of learning and teaching literature and its ‘sister-genres’ like History, Philosophy and Psychology. I can easily divide my student days into two – before and after attending classes at Vallaths! Her influence on me is that much powerful. She has formulated innumerable innovative tools and methods for classroom teaching and preparing materials for several entrance tests and qualifying examinations. I am proud of being one of her students.
My heartfelt gratitude for the past, congratulations for the present and wishes for the future...


Dr Arshad Ahammad A.

2010 batch

I have been an average student, actually. I completed my PG in VMV College, Amravati, Maharashtra. Thereafter I started preparing for the NET and SET exams. I was searching one day for video lectures on YouTube, and I happened to watch Dr. Kalyani Vallath's lecture on theory, which mesmerized me! Then I got the phone number, and without wasting a single moment, I made a call to Ma'am. We had a 2-minute conversation; then I decided to join TES. When I attended the class, I felt that I was swimming in an ocean of knowledge. I have seen many teachers, but I have never seen a professor like Dr. Kalyani Ma'am. She is genuinely great – she would even teach for 8 hours with the same level of enthusiasm for a one-hour class!
I passed NET and SET exams and became assistant professor only because of Dr. Kalyani Vallath.


Santosh Polchettiwar

2014 batch

Dr. Kalyani Vallath is an encyclopedia of English Literature! When I joined Vallaths TES, I was a very ordinary student of English Language and Literature with low confidence. She is the first one who inspired and motivated me, and gave me the confidence that I can pass NET/ SET exams and dream Big. And it happened – I cleared my Maharashtra SET exam in the first attempt. Presently, I'm working as assistant Professor in English at Lal Bahadur Shastri Mahavidyalaya, Dharmabad. Dist. Nanded, Maharashtra. I wouldn't be here without your guidance and cooperation, Ma’am.
Your teaching style, thorough subject knowledge and vehement passion for the subject always give inspiration to me. As a teacher, you are my role model and I’m proud to say, I always use your skills and techniques of teachings to teach Literature to my students.


Dr. Sambhaji Bajirao Manoorkar

I had limited knowledge of literature until I enrolled in the NET coaching programme at TES, under the guidance of Kalyani Ma'am. With a background in mathematics as a graduate and pursuing my PG in English through distance learning, my understanding of English history and literature was akin to a drop in the vast ocean. It was at Vallath's TES that I discovered the joy of immersing myself in the subject. Kalyani Ma'am's sessions were both inspirational and scholarly, as she effortlessly guided us through the intricacies of the subject and encouraged us to explore even beyond the course's completion. Her constant motivation and willingness to share knowledge played a pivotal role in my success in cracking the NET exam.
I am forever grateful to Ma'am and the entire TES team for their invaluable support in helping me achieve success in the exam.


Saritha. K

2014 batch

I joined Vallaths TES in 2012. Before that I was a student with a meager knowledge of English Literature. Kalyani Madam and her team work rigorously for students, making learning fun, incorporating various learning activities where students learn by engaging in the entire teaching-learning process. The classes are well equipped with latest technologies that help students to stay focused and keep them on track. The books that TES provide are of immense use even after we clear NET and SET. They are written in very lucid and comprehensive language. While reading the notes, we feel Kalyani Ma'am is lecturing and concepts become clearer to us. Daily assignments give us confidence on the topic taught. Vallaths TES is India's best coaching institute for English language and literature. The learning atmosphere here is top notch and after leaving TES, I made it to the top four in the exams I gave.
Ma’am, you gave me the power of knowledge that makes my everyday Victorious.


Dr. Aratee Chaubey

2012 batch


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