Dr. Kalyani Vallath
Managing Director, Edupreneur, Chief Instructor, Mentor LinkedIn Logo

Kalyani got certified in NET with JRF (English literature) in 1999 and went on to do her PhD with Shastri Indo-Canadian Doctoral Fellowship from the Government of Canada. An entrepreneur and innovator who would not be tied down to the traditional educational system, she started off as an informal teacher to six postgraduate students in Trivandrum. Since then she has been teaching English literature and mentoring students from across the country.

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Dr. Sudip Pillai
Director, Business Operations LinkedIn Logo

Sudip Pillai completed his PhD in Native Canadian Literature with JRF and Shastri Indo-Canadian Doctoral Fellowship from the Government of Canada. He went on to work as the Editor of Supplements in Gulf Times, Doha, Qatar for over 12 years. During this time, he was also supervising the Editorial Division of Vallath Books (formerly Bodhi Tree Publications). Sudip’s exceptional skill in handling stressful situations amicably and his attention to logistics and operational detail in executing a project have been invaluable in the growth of Vallath. Sudip is also passionate about history, environment and culture and has played a key role in developing the gamification of literature that Vallath is now known for. He carries a youthful and fun approach to life and work that has supported Vallath through its journey.


Dr. Kalyani Vallath
Executive Director Learning & Student Development LinkedIn Logo

Be it Literary History or Literary Theory or in-depth experience of the literary texts, Kalyani has a unique and infectious charm in dealing with it that has got thousands of students hooked to their studies. She makes students laugh through the most tedious lessons; her life mission is to make learning accessible to all. She also has the most unconventional methods of resource development that not only helps students learn but also grooms them for various careers.

Sethulakshmi A.
Director, Academics LinkedIn Logo

Sethulakshmi is doing her PhD in an exciting area of cultural studies–Infertility narratives. Although an emerging scholar of cultural studies, she is highly discerning, quick to shape up a research topic or connect a research area with related concepts. Sethu is a much-loved teacher at Vallath since 2016, and our students admire her for her dedication and meticulous care. Some of the very popular publications of Vallath Books have been done under Sethulakshmi’s editorship.

Nirmala Mangalat
Lead, Academics—Language Programs LinkedIn Logo

A teacher of English Language and Literature in IGCSE and IB schools in India and Dubai for around 20 years, Nirmala Mangalat joined Vallath after retiring as the Head of the Department of English at Trivandrum International School. She has substantial experience in curriculum planning, teacher training, and crafting and delivering innovative teaching-learning experiences. She has published stories and poems in magazines abroad and in India, and is the author of 2 volumes of poetry.

Dr. Rushati Dasgupta 
Lead, Academics—English Literature LinkedIn Logo

Dr. Rushati Dasgupta hails from Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Her doctoral thesis for her PhD from Jain Deemed-to-be University, Bengaluru, focused on the literary representations of select diasporic communities settled in India. She has completed a Certificate Course in Creative Writing from the British Council, Kolkata. Her publications range from research articles to poetry and short stories, both in print and electronic media. She was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Birmingham for being one of the four winning essayists in the Research Project undertaken by the TMYS REVIEW June 2021: Indian Diaspora Series I. Apart from Diasporic literature, her research interests include Mythology, Gender studies, Conflict studies, Postcolonial literature, Partition literature and Dalit literature.

Jobin David
Lead, Academics—Paper I LinkedIn Logo

Jobin David is a native of Trivandrum. Worked as a teacher in a private school spanning two years, followed by a year of dedicated service at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jobin embarked upon his journey at Vallath. Armed with a postgraduate degree in Mathematics and Education, his scholarly achievements are underscored by his commendable qualification in NET in Education and C-TET. Renowned as a captivating orator, Jobin’s eloquence serves as a beacon of inspiration to Vallath, while his pedagogical acumen is revered for its innovative methodologies, marking him as a stalwart in the realm of education.

Sandip Mondal
Lead, Virtual Learning LinkedIn Logo

Sandip is highly qualified in diverse fields such as Business Management, English literature and Travel and Tourism. He is an impeccable manager and the Chief Coordinator of Vallath online courses–there is never a loose end that escapes his eye. Having reaped the benefits of unrelenting hard work and perseverance in his own career, Sandip is also a great motivator and a tremendous support to our students.

Heena Wadhwani
Lead, Open Courses in Social Media LinkedIn Logo

Heena was a renowned media professional before she joined Team Vallath as the Chief Coordinator of Vallath Open Courses which are free for everyone. Her YouTube lectures are widely appreciated for their clarity, analytical depth and stimulating impact..

Greeshma Raveendran
Manager Student Experience LinkedIn Logo

Greeshma has twin expertise in English literature as well as Education. That makes her Paper One classes very effective and engaging. As the Head of Student Experience Enhancement team, Greeshma has devised unique study techniques as well as efficient methods of assessment and evaluation which make learning at Vallath an enriching and rewarding experience.

Aparna Nandan
Course Facilitator and Learning Specialist LinkedIn Logo

Students of English literature are notoriously apathetic to mathematics and the sciences. But not Aparna. She can handle and teach mathematics as naturally and easily as English literature. Many of our students who had initially been distressed with mathematical data and formulae have recognised their own caliber in mastering math through Aparna’s clever approach. Aparna’s caring and patient support has helped many students overcome the hurdle of Paper One in NET.

Manu Balachandran
Course Facilitator and Learning Specialist LinkedIn Logo

With his research experience in fields as diverse as Medical Humanities and Sanskritic traditions, Manu is an excellent teacher of Paper One topics. Students love his supportive and friendly approach.


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