The Vallath Advantage

The Vallath Advantage

We believe in education that empowers. Because literature should not be a choice between success and fulfillment.


Learning at vallath



Our programs draw references from history, art, psychology and music. This approach gives context to the topics of study. That way, students are not rote learning authors and their works but getting a real understanding of the times they were set in. This allows them to draw connections between different periods and appreciate and apply information in the real world.



Our teaching style draws from Hemingway’s iceberg technique. We don’t believe in spoon-feeding information but allow students to research and discover for themselves. This gives them the motivation and skills to learn. Without this ability, students often feel lost and unprepared to step into their careers. 

Our method is similar to the Montessori philosophy of teaching. We believe there is a child in every student and that child is eager to learn. We nurture that curiosity to help students find their true potential.


Applied Approach

The learning style at Vallath is not limited to theory. Every topic is introduced, studied and then finds practical application. Our classes are rich with activities, editorial writings, drama, quizzes and more. We harness multiple media to bring the class alive. This could be traditional print, internet, or performances. Learning does not need a separate lab/ place for application but needs to be integrated into the curriculum itself.


Peer Learning

In our classes, along with the traditional teacher-student style of learning, we encourage peer-to-peer learning. We believe a classroom is no longer a binary of teacher-student. Our students explore and excel by contributing to the learning resources. This helps build their capacity to research as well as confidence to meet the requirements of a working environment.

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Our programs are designed to prepare you for a career in English literature. We believe in experiential learning, and you will learn through activities, quizzes and mini-projects besides theory. Here you will find mentors who are passionate scholars of literature, committed to igniting curiosity and delivering excellence.

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