Dr Kalyani Vallath

Dr Kalyani Vallath

Managing Director, Edupreneur, Chief Instructor, Mentor


The future is not a choice between success and fulfillment

Kalyani, a certified NET (National Eligibility Test) with JRF (Junior Research Fellowship) in English literature in 1999, embarked on an academic journey that would redefine traditional education. Fuelled by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering belief in alternative approaches, she began her teaching career as an informal instructor to a small group of six postgraduate students in Trivandrum.

Driven by a passion for English literature, Kalyani’s unique teaching style and infectious enthusiasm quickly garnered attention. Standing out from the confines of traditional academia, she effortlessly weaves playfulness into discussions on authors, texts, and concepts, captivating learners nationwide. Recognising the needs of the cybernetic generation, she developed innovative study resources that have benefitted both beginners and advanced students alike.

Having edited over 50 beloved books cherished by English literature enthusiasts, Kalyani possesses a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Her 25 years of teaching experience have honed her expertise in Literary History, Literary Theory, and literary analysis. 

Her distinctive charm resonates with students, making even the most tedious lessons a source of laughter and joy. Her proficiency in English literature combined with her playful style of delivery attracts students from all over India. 

Kalyani’s life mission revolves around democratising education and ensuring that learning remains accessible to all. Students have taken the NET exam and been certified with JRF through her various programs. Students unable to afford or attend physical classes have benefited from online classes and free resources. She believes everyone deserves an education that ignites passion and offers a professional course to their life. 

Beyond traditional teaching methods, Kalyani adopts unconventional resource development approaches, fostering a holistic learning environment. By equipping students with the skills necessary for diverse careers, she not only nurtures their academic growth but also empowers them for the professional world.

Currently, Kalyani is dedicated to forging new pathways for English literature (post)graduates, enabling them to explore exciting career opportunities. With her commitment to making learning engaging and inclusive, Kalyani continues to inspire thousands of students, igniting imaginations and instilling in them a lifelong love for literature and a thirst for knowledge.


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